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Roadmap To Eternity - You are HERE! Featured

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A brief history from eternity past to eternity future.

          Below is God’s plan from the beginning, to the end with His dealings with mankind, you might not get the “Big Picture” right now, but rest assured by the end of this article you will fully understand the simple plan!

Here we go!

1)                The Gods in the eternal past before anything in the known physical universe came into being there were and are 3 Gods so called Elohim in the Old Testament Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the New Testament.

2)                The Gods then drafted the eternal plan of what They wanted to accomplish.

3)                The Gods first created the heavens, our so-called universe, none of the Gods ever revealed how long it took them to accomplish this task.

4)                They then populated them with innumerable angelic beings.

5)                Then the Gods created the Earth, populated it with carbon based beings and set Lucifer an angelic being as their ruler Gen.1:1 Isa. 45:18. (Way before Adam’s day!)

6)                Lucifer started a rebellion against the Gods, sin entered the universe.

7)                The Gods puts down the rebellion and destroyed all carbon-based life on earth due to sin. The world that then was according to Peter. This is recorded in Gen. 1:2 2Pet. 3:5-7 and thus called Lucifer’s flood.

8)                Since the Gods created the Earth to be populated by carbon based beings, and not spirit beings, the Gods had to replace the previous inhabitants, along came Adam and Eve, in the image of the Gods they were created and everything else you see in the present world today. In 6 days of Genesis after Genesis 1:2

9)                The present ruler of Earth at this time was man.

10)           Test of obedience to the Elohim’s Word. Adam and Eve had to prove themselves to the Gods, for if an angelic being could sin, what about man? So the Gods gave man 5 commandments and the commandment of not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was broken Lucifer put doubt into Eve concerning what God plainly stated, and Eve even misquoted God’s commandment and so she sinned, along with Adam. This period is called the dispensation of innocence. This period did not last long, Lucifer did not waste time regaining dominion over this planet.

11)           Now all mankind has sinned, but the Gods had prepared a plan even before mankind had sinned regarding a way to get mankind back into right standing withThem. This plan of course would not come to full completion for thousands of years. But was first promised in Genesis 3:15

12)           Mankind became so evil that the Gods were about to wipe the whole human race out and start over, but 1 man saved the world, Noah! This dispensation was called the dispensation of conscience, which lasted 1,656 years. It was from Adam to Noah’s flood.

13)           After the second flood recorded in Genesis, mankind did not take long to go back to the old ways, this is where all false religions come from and once again it came to the point where the Gods had to come down and confuse their language, and split them up. The earth was then split into continents in the days of Peleg. This dispensation was called human government and lasted 427 years. From after Noah’s flood to Abraham.

14)           Then came the dispensation of promise, Abraham took centre stage. This dispensation lasted 430 years. From Abraham to the Exodus from Egypt.

15)           Then came the dispensation of law, Moses now became the mediator between the Jews and the Gods.  This Dispensation was from the giving of the Law to John the Baptist.

16)           Then came the dispensation of Grace, Jesus now became the mediator of both Jews and Gentiles! This dispensation has lasted so far over 1989 years and will end with the rapture and once it will happen then the last 7 years of tribulation before the next dispensation starts will take place. Book of Revelation “things which must be hereafter” here after what? The churches! Revelation 1: 19     Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter; After the Christians are Raptured.

17)           Then will come the tribulation, the last seven years before the Messiah, Jesus comes back. The Antichrist will only then be revealed by making a 7 year covenant with Israel. After he breaks it and seeks to destroy them, then Christ will come and fight for them at Armageddon.

18)           After this dispensation will come the dispensation of Divine Government, which will last 1000 years. Mankind will be ruled by Jesus and all the redeemed from Abel’s time.

19)           At the end of that dispensation Lucifer will be released for a short season 3 ½ years to test those that lived thru the tribulation, one last battle between good and evil will take place.  All rebels will be put down by God the Father this time. We will then enter the last dispensation, the Dispensation of the Redeemed and faithful Angels this Dispensation will go on for all eternity.

20)           God will renew the Heavens and the Earth, then God will transfer His Holy City, The New Jerusalem to this now SINLESS world and thus dwell among MEN for all eternity.

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